Stop By For a Taste !

Services and low prices? We’ve got it all just waiting for you here at My Thai Style Ice Cream! Stop by to see what the buzz around us is all about. Our customers keep coming back for more, and we can’t blame them! We’ll make sure to give you the best experience any Ice Cream Shop could offer so that you’ll be sure to return. Who doesn’t love amazing and great food, so what are you waiting for? Stop by today.

1. Sweet Lime Pie (Lime + Graham cookies)
2. Mrs. Green Tea (Green Tea + Strawberry)
3. Morning Latte (Coffee Chocolate + Condensed Milk)
4. Strawberry Graham (Strawberry + Graham Cookies)
5. Silly Taro
6. Cookie on Call (Oreo Cookies)
7. S’more’s Graham (Chocolate + Marsh mellow)
8. Monkey Lover (Banana + Nutella)
9. Miss Nila Wafer (Nila Cracker + Caramel + Coconut Flakes)
10. Rolling Oreo (Mint Oreo)